How To Post a Photo or Video to Get Snapchat Views.

Whether a picture or a video, snapchat views have an attached time limit. This timeframe is always from one to ten seconds. Videos too play once in the similar period implying that it is the whole length that can accommodate the video. In a nutshell, therefore, you cannot set the timer beyond 10 seconds unless you add it to your story. By adding it to your story, you allow your viewers to see it multiple times for 24 hours. Follow the following simple steps to post your photo or video to your friends.

Record the video or photo you intend to share keeping in mind the 10 seconds maximum length. Unless you want a 24-hour view, post it to your story. However, have in mind that individual views will still have timers in the 24 hour period. Then tap the timer button located at the lower-left corner to adjust time. Choose the right moment you want the photo to appear but should not exceed 10 seconds. After finishing to edit and setting the right time, you can now post the snap to you friends or to the story. On sending, you will start getting snapchat views alerts once your friend clicks on the items you posted.

Pictures that get most free likes on instagram

If you love art and pictures, then think of instagram as your exhibition rooms. Instagram is where you show the world your most glamorous pictures, your significant other and some of the best moments in your life. Some people however get it wrong as to what they are really supposed to post on this amazing social platform, and they end up getting very few likes with few followers.

The most liked photos are those that look gorgeous and irresistibly attractive. Photos of beautiful women for instance attract instance multiple free likes, while photos of well-groomed men also received significant likes. In addition, photos posted by celebrities get multiple likes almost instantly. And it is simple to know why this happens. They are celebrities, aren’t they? But if you are not a celebrity, posting pictures of you in beautiful places, pictures of your pet looking the best or a picture of yourself with your significant other, you are bound to get some hundreds of likes. Finally, the most important thing to do if you want free likes and free followers is to post unique but attractive photos.

Purchasing Free Likes And Followers; Is It Effective?

For a long time now, social media sites have continuously taken the center stage in the world of communication and research tells us that communication these days has majorly been based on the existence of social media sites. With that insight therefore, more and more people have continued to sign up and register for account with the different social media sites that are on offer.  For those individuals that are already signed up for these social media sites, you will attest to the fact that it is by having very many likes and followers on your account do you get to have a thrilling social media and communication experience.

Nonetheless, it has not been all that easy as many people would have thought it would and instead, many people have turned to purchasing free likes and free followers for their accounts for them to actually realize those high numbers. But the question that has been asked by very many people is just how effective purchasing free likes and followers is. Well, in as much as it may sound to be quite a little bit unorthodox, it is indeed a good and effective methodology for you to increase traffic on any social media account. For the few that are using their accounts purely for social media marketing purposes, buying likesand followers could immensely boost a business, drive sales and at the end of the day, make a profit because that is what actually matters. So at the end of it all, it has indeed stood out to be effective and appropriate for anyone to do.

Content Plus Purchase: How to Boost Your Social Media Pages

If you are charged with running a personal or professional page on a social media site, you are likely to need a great deal of help in getting started and making your page what it is. Yes, these accounts are free and they are easy to set up. But, if you really want to take the page to the next level and make it work for you, then you need to put some effort into making it last and get noticed. This can be done through purchased and natural means.

If you want to boost your page, you need to make sure that you are thinking critically and strategically about the content that you post. You need to make sure that you are building the page and getting the most from it by making sure that your content is the best that it can be. Another way that you can boost your page reaction and get noticed is through buying services. You can really get a lot from a page if you decide to buy things like automatic likes and followers. These paid services can get a reaction, get a page noticed, and won’t even look like you bought automatic likes. It will, instead, look natural if done correctly and can be a great way to boost your page naturally, too!

How Twitter Polls Work

Prior to the introduction of Twitter polls, users on this social media platform used to conduct makeshift polls in the form of ‘favorite for X’ or ‘RT for Y’. Following the introduction of the polls feature by Twitter, Users are now in a position to formulate a two-button poll and use if to get voters from other users on the platform within a span of 24 hours. Although you will see the number of people who voted on a certain answer, the voters’ identities are kept anonymous, even to the poll creator. However, there is no restriction as to which user may take part in a certain poll.

By allowing the creator to provide the two possible answers to his or her question, this feature allows publishers to maintain control over the type of answers they get with their polls on Twitter. Rather than getting a simple Yes or No response to your question, Twitter polls allow users to request for a more profound answer to their questions.


There is perhaps no better way in which one can promote his or her website other than through social media. Social media platforms have in the recent past become the in thing for most people and indeed, they have played a very important role in transforming the world into a small global village. Having said that though, if you are running a website and or online business and you are wondering which could be the best way for you to increase the traffic in these particular websites, you need not wonder any more. By having a twitter account, you can make good use of twitter likes in promoting your site.
However, getting very many likes on twitter is certainly not a walk in the park. But did you know there is an easier way for you to add on to the numbers? Yes there is. By purchasing automatictwitter likes, you get to improve the visual appealing look of your account and attracting more traffic and viewership. In the event that other twitter users notice that your website promotional tweets are well liked, this will raise an eyebrow and they will be intrigued to know more about it and in so doing, you get to achieve your goal at the end of the day.