How To Post a Photo or Video to Get Snapchat Views.

News 04:12 December 2019:

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Whether a picture or a video, snapchat views have an attached time limit. This timeframe is always from one to ten seconds. Videos too play once in the similar period implying that it is the whole length that can accommodate the video. In a nutshell, therefore, you cannot set the timer beyond 10 seconds unless you add it to your story. By adding it to your story, you allow your viewers to see it multiple times for 24 hours. Follow the following simple steps to post your photo or video to your friends.

Record the video or photo you intend to share keeping in mind the 10 seconds maximum length. Unless you want a 24-hour view, post it to your story. However, have in mind that individual views will still have timers in the 24 hour period. Then tap the timer button located at the lower-left corner to adjust time. Choose the right moment you want the photo to appear but should not exceed 10 seconds. After finishing to edit and setting the right time, you can now post the snap to you friends or to the story. On sending, you will start getting snapchat views alerts once your friend clicks on the items you posted.