How Twitter Polls Work

News 09:11 November 2019:

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Prior to the introduction of Twitter polls, users on this social media platform used to conduct makeshift polls in the form of ‘favorite for X’ or ‘RT for Y’. Following the introduction of the polls feature by Twitter, Users are now in a position to formulate a two-button poll and use if to get voters from other users on the platform within a span of 24 hours. Although you will see the number of people who voted on a certain answer, the voters’ identities are kept anonymous, even to the poll creator. However, there is no restriction as to which user may take part in a certain poll.

By allowing the creator to provide the two possible answers to his or her question, this feature allows publishers to maintain control over the type of answers they get with their polls on Twitter. Rather than getting a simple Yes or No response to your question, Twitter polls allow users to request for a more profound answer to their questions.